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Here’s what’s included in your Business Website Audit:

  • Overall site score out of 100

    Areas passed, errors and where to improve your website’s performance

  • Tags

    Missing and ones requiring optimization

    Tags play a key role in allowing search engines to determine your industry, location and content on your site

  • Copy Analysis

    How search engines see your site’s most valuable keywords

    Keyword insights identify areas to help build traffic and sales — or pivot your message

  • Page Speed & Mobile Optimization

    How well your site is optimized contributes to a higher or lower page rank

  • Search Presence

    Benchmark your site files against Structured Data best practices

    Includes evaluating robots.txt and sitemap.xml files

  • Backlink Scores

    Backlinks can play a major role in the success of your website

  • High Priority Action Items

    Additional recommendations to optimize your site’s performance and gain more visible placement on search engine results pages

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Results and layout vary with data

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