As the economic disruption of COVID-19 ripples across the U.S., the fallout has rapidly reshaped how business gets done. Nearly every business is adapting on some level.

In the uncertainty, one thing is clear. As part of squeezing more productivity within tighter budgets, it’s important to know your marketing is on point before you spend another dollar.

Know Your Business Website Vitals

You wouldn’t think of waiting a year without some maintenance on your vehicle. So, If you haven’t looked under the hood of your business website in a while, now is the time.

With more people (prospects) at home and searching the Web, online marketing is more vital than ever. Whether your customer audience is B2B or B2C, online search will likely be your #1 source for first contact.

Google commands over 92% of all online searches at a clip of 40,000 every second. And, because Google continuously alters its algorithms, if you are not investing in professional SEO services your site isn’t likely to be easily found by your prospects and you’re losing potential leads.

Understanding your website’s performance in light of best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices can seem mysterious much less figuring out how to make marketing decisions based on data.  The good news is that website optimization performance is measurable. And there are online tools that can help.

Conducting a professional SEO Audit of your business website is an excellent place to start. Done right, the resulting data will show your site’s strengths and weaknesses — and where to improve for a competitive advantage.

Here are a few top performance indicators that a proper SEO audit can reveal:

  • Overall site score out of 100
    How search engines (okay, Google) views your site
  • Missing and non-optimized Tags
    Tags play a key role in allowing search engines to determine your industry, location and content on your site
  • Keyword Analysis
    How search engines see your site’s most valuable keywords; these keyword insights identify areas to help build website traffic and sales, or pivot your message
  • Page Speed & Mobile Optimization
    More than 50% of all internet searches are now from mobile devices, so how well your site is optimized for mobile contributes to a higher or lower page rank

Knowing and correcting these high priority SEO action items will help optimize your website’s performance which can drive leads and get you closer and closer to page one search engine results.

Free and Paid SEO Tools

If you’re more of a DIY marketer, check out online tools like Moz and SEMrush. Each have free and paid options that let you take a range of SEO actions to help improve your site’s search results visibility like manage on-site SEO, add more relevant keywords, and optimize content.

Or, if you want to know exactly how your business website measures up, right now you can get a professional SEO audit done through Oncore Strategy for free by clicking here. Our SEO Website Audit shows strengths and weaknesses in seven key areas along with immediate recommended actions to improve your site’s messaging and increase search engine rankings.

This free resource lets you see the data for yourself and know if your website is ready to go before you spend another online marketing dollar in our new normal economy.

Get your Oncore Strategy SEO Website Audit. Start now