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Agile For All | Denver, CO


With nationally recognized live trainings, the Agile For All team has some of the smartest trainers in the Agile business. In 2014, the leadership team recognized their outdated brand and messaging needed a significant recharge to stay competitive. Our first project was a promo video for their annual alumni conference: Humanizing Work.


To determine how to more effectively reach Agile for All’s core audiences, we facilitated an all-day discovery workshop in Denver. Three distinct personas emerged: “Being Agile” (executives), “Doing Agile” (teams), and “Agile Improvement” (individuals). These personas guided all the messaging copy rewrite and 150-page website restructure.

When completed, the total brand overhaul reduced the site bounce rate by 40%, increased overall training attendance, and helped position the company in the premiere Agile services space. As a competitive leader, Agile for All has expanded their market reach both nationally and internationally to include larger scale contracts with Fortune 500 companies.


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“We help create Agile workplaces that humanize work, unlock team capacity and support leaders to sustainably deliver business value.”