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Evergreen Packaging | Memphis, TN


As the largest fiber-based manufacturer in the world, Evergreen Packaging’s ubiquitous products are near you now, or in your fridge at home.

With only eight weeks lead time, the Marketing Director asked us to head up the creative development of a new campaign for innovative carton use. Our mission: make cartons cool and exciting — and debut them at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, with 77,000 attendees perusing 3,000+ exhibitors.

NPW carton innovative designs


To generate awareness for innovative carton use in beverage and dry goods sectors, every element of the Expo campaign hinged on: “Cartons are A Natural Fit.”

A giant display wall built of custom packaging generated positive foot traffic. The die-cut party invitation (yep, shaped like a carton) helped fuel relational connections between potential customers and reps at after-hours social gatherings. The focal point of the New Product Expo booth were eight custom carton mockups (pictured above). The fictitious carton product line was branded, wordsmithed, and designed based on real world product category research.

Some of the custom carton designs were picked up by national retailers. The Evergreen Packaging marketing team is expanding our “Natural Fit” campaign internationally.


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“Oncore’s strategic thinking, creativity, and results-oriented execution enabled us to achieve a product beyond our expectations.”

—ERIN REYNOLDS, Evergreen Packaging, Global Marketing Director